Falcon Services, Inc.
Bird & Bat Control
P.O. Box 92
Oakley, CA 94561

North Bay: 415-797-4224
East Bay: 925-478-4224

Structural Pest Control License #OPR10850
Company Registration #PR4486
Bonded & Insured

Bat Control & Prevention

Falcon Services, Inc. advocates bat control through exclusion. In doing so, we use humane and nontoxic methods to ensure that bats can leave the building unharmed, but are prevented from reentering. The bat exclusion process is a two-step process and takes approximately 6 days. Falcon Services, Inc. does not use chemicals  or other means that harm or kill bats in any way. Our work is guaranteed, because we treat the entire building to prevent bats from returning.

Once the bats have left the building they will need another place to live. In an effort to help the conservation of bat populations, we do recommend the installation of bat houses wherever possible. It is advised to place bat houses in close proximity to the previous bat roosting site to ensure that previously excluded bats will have a safe place to live, other than moving to a neighboring building.

Falcon Services, Inc. is a member of Bat Conservation International  


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