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   Steps to follow if a bat is flying in your home:

  • If you encounter bats flying around in your house, don’t panic and stay calm! Because all wild animals will bite if threatened, don’t attempt to touch a bat with your bare hands. Always put on thick leather work gloves before attempting to capture a bat. Don’t chase the bat with a tennis racket or similar devices as this will only cause the bat to get more frantic.
  • One or even multiple bats are frequently found inside people's homes, because they lost their way. Especially young bats that are still learning often fly through an open window or door. But even adult bats sometimes accidentally end up in people’s living quarters. The first step in removing the bat from the home is to stay calm. If the bat is flying around in circles, it is not trying to attack anyone, it is only attempting to find a way out. In order to help the bat to find its way outside, close the doors to adjoining rooms and open the windows in the room the bat is flying around. As the bat can feel the draft from the outside, more than likely the bat will just fly right out the open door or window within a few minutes. You can also help the process along in that you can use a small mesh net, pillow case, or towel to gently catch the bat in flight. If the bat lands and does not fly again, there are other ways to remove it. First, put on a pair of thick leather work gloves, and find a small cardboard box or coffee can. Slowly walk up to the bat and put the container over the bat, slip a piece of cardboard behind it and take it outside and let it go.
  • If you think that there is reasonable probability that someone has come in contact with the bat, safely capture the animal with a butterfly net, any available box, coffee can, thick towel, or leather work gloves and put it in a closed container. Contact your local animal control officer to have them test the bat for rabies. If the test reveals that the bat carried the rabies virus, medical attention is needed. Contact your local emergency health provider. Reasonable probability includes sleeping adults, children who cannot give an accurate history of events, or a mentally incapacitated and intoxicated individual. As long as the bat never comes in direct skin contact with anyone, there is no need to worry about transmitting any diseases or viruses.
  • Phone numbers of Bay Area animal control offices:

    Alameda County: (925) 803-7040
    City of Alameda: (510) 337-8565
    Contra Costa County: (925) 335-8300
    Marin County:
    (415) 883-4621
    Napa County: (707) 253-4451
    San Francisco City & County: (415) 554-9400
    San Mateo County: (650) 340-8200
    Santa Clara County: (408) 686-3900
    Solano County (unincorporated areas): (707) 421-7090
    Vallejo - (707)645-7906
    Benicia - (707)745-3412
    Dixon, Fairfield, Rio Vista, Suisun City, and Vacaville: (707)449-1700
    Sonoma County: (707) 565-7100
  • If you suspect that the bat you were seeing inside your home is actually part of a bat colony that is roosting inside your home (roof, ceiling, walls, attic, etc.) and you would like assistance in removing the entire colony from your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

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