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Bird Control Products

We are proud to use HotFoot America products. In the past, we have �experimented" with many different manufacturers' products in many different applications. We have found that the very best bird control products available are HotFoot America products. They are highly effective, removable, solidly constructed and are the least visible. We can depend upon them to work every time, without fail. The technical support we get from HotFoot America is unmatched as well.

We use the following products for our bird exclusion installations:

Knotless polypropylene is without doubt the most advanced, superior netting for bird control available. Unlike nylon nets, HotFoot nets are all guaranteed never to stretch or sag over the life of the net.

  • Knotless InvisiNetInvisiNet
    Unlike old-fashioned, rope-like nets which are ugly in appearance and heavy in weight, InvisiNet is lightweight yet so strong it carries a 10 year guarantee. Today, InvisiNet remains the standard to which all others hope to achieve. Available in various colors and mesh sizes (3/4 inch - 2 inch).
  • Rite SpikesRite Spikes
    Rite spikes are available in 4 models, all of which have stainless steel prongs and a UV resistant, clear plastic base. The unique poly-carbonate base of each Rite Spike has notches which enable us to bend the product to suit curved surfaces such as window tops or arches. The holes in the base also allow the product to be screwed to the surface or nailed if adhesives are not applicable.


  • ElectrackElectrack
    Shock track system is designed to repel pigeons. It is a very low visibility, low profile bird control product that uses a low amperage electric fence repellent. A unique flexible track, which will not support combustion. Different solar or 110/220v power boxes for various ranges.



  • SpringwireSpringwire
    is a system of fine, nylon coated stainless steel wires, which are suspended along the entire length of surfaces on which birds are landing. HotFoot provides specialized components to allow this system to be fitted to the edge of gutters, to narrow water pipes, ledges etc.

    This system is only effective against pigeons and seagulls. It does not work against sparrows, starlings and similar small birds.


  • Other Products we use entail galvanized hardware cloth, and tactile repellents when any of the above listed products are not applicable.

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