Falcon Services, Inc.
Bird & Bat Control
P.O. Box 92
Oakley, CA 94561

North Bay: 415-797-4224
East Bay: 925-478-4224

Structural Pest Control License #OPR10850
Company Registration #PR4486
Bonded & Insured

Bird Control Project Gallery       Bat Control Project Gallery

Pigeon exclusion netting - 2-inch mesh


Swallow exclusion netting under eaves


Swallow exclusion netting


Solar panel screening



Vent screening


3/4-in. netting horizontally across ceilings to exclude pigeons and smaller birds (commercial)


3/4-in. netting to exclude swallows or woodpeckers (residential)



Pigeon spikes at the San Francisco Ferry Building (commercial)


Pigeon spikes on roof areas (residential)


Shock track system to deter pigeons (commercial)


Bat Control Project Gallery

Bat exclusion netting at front porch (residential)


Bat escape net on a tile roof (commercial)


Bat guano accumulation in an attic space (commercial)


Bat House installations

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