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Welcome to the Falcon Services, Inc. service information page. We are the premier providers of Bird Control and Bat Control to residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The terms control and abatement generally refer to methods that will keep the unwanted animals from being able to enter or access specific locations on or inside a structure.

The methods we apply to achieve the desired results vary depending on a variety of factors. First and foremost, the type of animal is the most important factor to consider. Pigeons for example prefer roosting places that are sheltered from the elements and can’t easily be seen by potential predators, such as falcons, but allow them to build nests made of sticks and other debris on a preferably rocky and flat surface (roof tiles, etc.).

Bats on the other hand have entirely different habits when compared to birds and require a different approach in order to free a building from being inhabited by these animals.

Each situation requires a customized approach and the service we provide will always be tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us either by phone or email and tell us about your unique bird or bat problem so we can assist you in resolving the matter swiftly.

Below is a short list of the services we offer:

Bird Control Products and Services:

  • 2-inch and 3/4-inch mesh netting systems to exclude pigeons, swallows, gulls, sparrows, starlings, woodpeckers, and other birds.
  • Stainless steel bird spikes, shock track systems, and bird wire to control pigeons and gulls.
  • Bird Gel applications to control smaller birds, such as sparrows and doves.
  • Galvanized steel screening to screen off attic vents, sub-vents, and other void spaces.
  • Bird Flock Reduction - necessary when other alternatives are not a practical solution (commercial only).
  • Bird Trapping - The use of fine "mist nets" to trap small birds inside or outside buildings.
  • Bird guano cleanup inside and outside structures(as accessible).

Bat Control Services:

  • Inspection and monitoring services.
  • Installation of bat escape nets (one-way systems to allow bats to exit structures) and sealing of active and potential points of entry.
  • Guano cleanup inside and outside structures (as accessible).
  • Bat house installations.

Other Services:

  • Falcon Services, Inc. is also available for consultations, seminars, and workshops.

For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with a free estimate, please contact us either by clicking on the contact button on this page or at info@falconservices.com. You may also call us at (415) 797-4224 from Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm. 

We look forward to serving you.


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