Falcon Services, Inc.
Bird & Bat Control
P.O. Box 92
Oakley, CA 94561

North Bay: 415-797-4224
East Bay: 925-478-4224

Structural Pest Control License #OPR10850
Company Registration #PR4486
Bonded & Insured

Customer Testimonials

Brian is the best, what a big heart and a man. He is able to simplify in words to his client what he can do, and he does it! My house is QUIET for the first time in 35 years, WOW!! It is AWESOME to be sleeping without worry!! Brian is AMAZING!!!!!! Patrick Kalleen, Novato - 2014

My wife and I live in a modest home in West Sacramento. When we decided to put in a front courtyard to make better use of the space, we did not take into account the birds that came annually to live under the eaves. We love our courtyard, but the swallows� return to our casa is not nearly as romantic as the return to Capistrano. There was bird poop daily and it was a constant battle to keep the beautiful courtyard even livable. We got a referral to Falcon Services and after a visit by Brian, it was clear he knew what he was doing, we took his best option. The difference is phenomenal.  From cleaning every single day, we now have to clean one or two spots a month at most.  The birds are still in the neighborhood, but no longer is our house the town bird toilet.  Falcon Services saved our investment in the courtyard which we now enjoy every day from April to November. The birds were not hurt, they are just not here anymore. I recommend Falcon Services with no reservations. Bill and Barbara Pennock, West Sacramento - 2013

For some six months we were plagued by an increasing number of pigeons living on the roof of our hose. They went from being merely annoying to creating a significant health hazard with droppings, feathers, and general debris cascading off the roof. Nothing we tried did anything  other than send them flying only to return within a few minutes. On a  whim, I did an internet search for a pigeon control service and ran across Falcon Services. My inquiry was responded to immediately. Brian came to our house, described how he would control the pigeons, and gave us an estimate. Following an installation process that took several hours, the pigeons magically disappeared and have stayed away! To say we were satisfied would be a gross understatement. It was almost miraculous. I can confidently recommend Brian and Falcon Services for pigeon control without reservation.   Glen, Napa -  2012

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